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Thermal - Reflective Blinds


Our Thermal blinds help keep your vehicle warmer on cold days/nights, plus reflect sunlight to keep it cooler on hot sunny days. They are made from a thicker material than most other suppliers which means they are more self supporting requiring less suction cups than other leading suppliers.
The blinds consist of a twin, foil backed, fabric coated material with air pockets trapped within.

One side of the blind has the reflective surface to keep out the heat of the sun out. Turn it around and have the reflective side facing inwards to help keep the heat in on cold nights.
The other side has a fabric covering available in several different colour choices to personalise them to you and your vehicle.

The suction cups that secure the blinds to the windows are from the market leader in suction cups, ADAMS USA.
Other sellers of blinds use much cheaper suction cups that just don't live up to the quality of these. Due to this quality we require upto 50% fewer suction cups to hold the blinds to the windows. Also, they don't require moisture to adhere.
What's more is we also have a unique suction cup holder. This allows the suction cup to stay on the window whilst turning the blind from thermal to reflective.

These thermal, reflective blinds also offer extra privacy. Plus, they help protect your interior from sun damage.

We have most Vans, Motorhomes, Camper Vans covered. But if you don't see your model listed, please contact us to enquire further.

Below is an example of the reflective side and the standard grey fabric backing side.

thermal blind Thermal Blind


Fabric colour choices shown below.



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